Most Shocking Moment

     I’m pretty sure it was the love story that rocked the entire show. I mean, Russell even killed him over it. They were just that perfect together. Anyone in their right minds would be jealous. Never, in the history of history, was there ever a love like this. Truly the OTP to end all OTPs. 

     I’m talking of course, about Roman and his little beanie. Look at Eric. Trying to break into that love affair. Love is love. Leave them alone Eric! Go fuck your sister again!

     That wasn’t shocking enough for you? You’re right. There was something that even I had trouble wrapping my mind around. The last place you’d expect him. How could he destroy that family? And the dog? Won’t someone think of the dog?! However, he did get rid of that pesky Kimmy problem. Props to Becky for covering it up with the whole, “Oh, I just had twins” story. Also, Uncle Jessie looks a little like Talbot. Could you really blame Russell?


Favorite Flashback

     Ha! I bet you thought I was going to say Eric and Pam’s flashbacks! Didn’t you? Don’t you lie to me!

     Actually, I really enjoyed the flashback of Bill seeing his daughter. It showed that he did still have his “humaniteh” and that he still truly cared for his family as a father would. It must have been torture to see his child laying there, and knowing that he would not help her. I thought it was interesting that he still may have hated what he had become. What other reason would he have to not “save” his daughter. He didn’t want to condemn her to his immortality. Perhaps he knew it wouldn’t be everything she expected. I have heard a lot of hate about this scene; but I just don’t understand that. He wanted to see his daughter one last time. To speak with her. To let her know she was loved. Hate Bill all you want, but he was a father. And father knows best.

Storyline You Wish You Had Seen More Of

Eric and Pam

     I was very excited when it first came to light that we would be seeing some flashbacks of Eric and Pam. Although, I thought it would be a lot more. While it did show that Pam was aware of something supernatural even in her human life, I wish it had gone into further detail. There must be more to the story of why Eric turned her; why Eric chose her. I just don’t see him suddenly feeling sorry for a human. I wish we could have seen the first feeding, or how they had to live back when the entire world didn’t believe in the existence of vampires. We got to see how Jessica and Bill, and even how Pam and Tara had to learn to deal with this suddenly new relationship. I just wish we could have seen a bit more of that with Eric and Pam. Oh well, there’s always next season. You hear me, HBO? NEXT. SEASON.

Best Death

     All jokes aside, I truly thought there was going to be a MUCH higher body count this season. I thought Alan Ball would take as many out as he could. That sick bastard. That I love. There were a few good deaths, but the only one that left me truly impressed was Rosalyn Harris. How could you not have loved that death? Kudos to Sam. He should win the big award at the next “My Girlfriend Turned Into Me And Then We Almost Kissed” Awards.  I’m sorry. It was just so fucking cool. And creative! One of very few ways a vampire could not fight back. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to sing that “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” song ever again without being reminded of what happens when that fucking fly is Sam Merlotte. I’m sorry to see you go, Chancellor Harris. But what a way you went.

The Storyline You Wish You Could Change

     As if I could keep track of all the story lines running around without any parental supervision this season. Seriously, at first it seemed to me that Alan Ball doped everyone up on Pixie Stix and then took everyone to the zoo. If I had to pick just one, I suppose it would be the whole Bud Dearborn/Sweetie/Obama/Pigs storyline. I’m still not so sure what the point of it was. Except maybe to promote Obama masks. I like to wear mine to church. I just thought that they could have explored that whole crazyfest a little bit more. It just seemed a little far fetched to me. And that’s saying something in a show mostly concerned with supernatural creatures. For the longest time, I was convinced Hoyt’s mama was in on it. Okay maybe I just wanted to see her dance moves again. Still, it was a nice little story filler. Although I was sorry to see Bud go. He reminded me of my creepy uncle.

Favorite Storyline:

Eric and Nora

     No, it wasn’t because of all the sexy scenes. Though of course those helped. I enjoyed watching the chemistry between the two actors, as well as the difference of opinion of the characters. I’m sure most of us can relate to having a sibling suddenly veer from the path that a parent has taught. To see how Eric never truly gave up on her was heartbreaking. And when she realized how wrong she had been, all it took was a simple “forgive me.” The dynamic was incredible and they were easily my favorite duo as well for the season. I’m very excited to see how the whole “family” mind set works out in the next season. Although I’m not entirely convinced of Nora’s complete turnover to the “good” side, I am excited to see how it will play out. Hey, we know Godric chose her for a reason. And Godric don’t pick no fools!

Least Favorite Character:

Jackson Herveaux

     I thought a father and son picture might add some warmth to this relationship. I can’t actually name a least favorite character on the show. I have a sick fascination with all of them. But if I had to choose who I wasn’t exactly fond of this year, I’d have to go with Big Pappa Herveaux. Now, I’m well aware he wasn’t around as much as the other characters, which is most likely the reason I didn’t really care when he came on the screen. Also, did anyone else think the pack initiation scene was a little bit Twilight? I half expected Jacob Black to come bounding through without his shirt on. Not that I would have complained, I’m just saying. I do hope we get to see a bit more of him in the upcoming season. I’m sure it could be an interesting backstory.

     Poor kids. All these crazy parents running around, hopped up on the hooch. Maybe Papa Herveaux and Lettie Mae could go on a demon expelling date.